rip my lovely boy sonic 7/11/18. i miss you.   United States
the maestro

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UGC [www.ugcleague.com]
s15 Silver 4th
s18 Gold 1st
s23 Platinum 2nd
s24 Platinum 1st
s25 Platinum 1st
s26 Platinum 1st
s27 Platinum (Current)

ESEA [play.esea.net]
s20 IM
s21 IM 8th
s22 Open 2nd
s23 IM 2nd
s24 Invite 6th
s26 IM 1st
s28 Invite (Current)
Favorite Game
gardy™ Jul 18 @ 1:35am 
furry, look at his medigun
vulcan lft-o Jul 7 @ 10:05pm 
nice highlander tag
branslam Jul 5 @ 11:39am 
This guy can never get any pussy
ckj Jul 5 @ 1:22am 
Q: What team do you currently play for?

A: subbing for froyotech
miyagi Jul 2 @ 1:58am 
FYI ive banged more chicks then you can count. What ive done with my life? Im a car customizing god, parkour expert, and a fuckin marine... whats your claim to fame bitch?
neighbors in paris Jul 1 @ 4:59am 
that eye is a spoiler./...