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If you enjoyed Descent, I strongly recommend this game. It's a really well made 6DOF rouge-like that plays pretty smooth once you disable mouse acceleration and smoothing from the options menu. You might need to do something similar if using a joystick.

Gameplay: it's solid. Pretty basic and arcady, but it feels good and being a long-time Descent player it wasn't hard to get a hold of with a few setting tweaks. I felt right at home. There's 6 sublevels and each level will take you about 15 minutes to beat, at which point there's a stopping point so you can save and exit or continue to the next level. There's permadeath so if you die or decide to quit during before the end of each level you have to start over.

The visual style is solid but being able to identify the glowing bots againts some of the glowing backgrounds can get tricky at times. I felt that incorporating specular and emit components to the pixel art textures brought it all to life in a way I haven't seen before. That with the colorful and well-placed light made for a very unique Tron-like feel.

The music is absolutely fantastic. Will Bedford specializes in orchestral music and did a great job mixing cinematic with chiptune elements. I'm not a fan of chiptune but he totally made it work here. It's subtle. It's dynamically performed with slides and vibratos, The mixture of the orchestral instruments and the chiptune synths just works really well. Best part of the game.

I'm expecting the game to grow and have more meat on it as time goes on. There's not a whole lot of different room types and the levels, even though they are random, are pretty linear in their layout with the occational branch to it. These levels are not maze-like. The rooms could be bigger and allow for some better dogfighting. The bots are varied and interesting. Some bots will try to ram you, some have scatter shot or a charge-up sniper shot. Some bots try to blind you. The bots here feel more varied than the bots in Descent II. As with pretty much all rouge-likes, I'm going to expect to see updates with more randomly generated content to pull from as the game gets updated

In short, very faithful Descent-like game, definitely the best one I've played, and I've played quite a few and this is the only Descent clone that didn't dissapoint me. I recommend buying it so you can throw money at these guys so the game can be expanded. The scope of the project was very well excecuted and there's tons of potential here if the gaming community supports it.

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