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They’re not chasing anything. They’re sleeping in there, or else they’re yawning. Only the children are pressing their noses against the windowpanes.
Only the children know what they’re looking for.
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dK Karl Jun 2 @ 10:36pm 
why are 3/4 of your first profile comments 'faggot'
dK Karl Jun 2 @ 10:27pm 
Strolling through college campus unaccompanied as I often do. Not worried about being harassed or raped because I am a man. See group of young ladies struggling to set up a folding table. Two strong women have extended the legs and are trying to flip the table upright. I approach them uninvited and say hello. One flees, triggered. "let me help with that girls" I easily flip the table upright with... my masculine strength. Now upright, I can see the sign taped to the table top. FEMINIST BAKESALE. I give a low-pitched chuckle with my testosterone privileged vocal cords. "So you girls have been busy in the kitchen, what did you bake?" One strong woman stands with a box to rest on the table. Her eyes are welled with tears at the oppression she is suffering. "C-cupcakes" - "I love cupcakes, let me see what you have there" I reach my phallic hand over and open the virginal box this poor woman is holding.
Paals Bv Jun 2 @ 8:07pm 
STOP THE STUPID COPY PASTA. Just because you see a long sentence it doesn't mean that you have to do a copy pasta. I'm so triggered by people who copy pasta anything without content. Use your brain please Twitch chat. Please stop ruining my viewing experience. You are better than this FFS.
Mohiga Valley May 27 @ 7:07pm 
dK Karl May 26 @ 8:50pm 
Beartato is actually better than metapeen. Big secret