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MAD MAN Nov 24 @ 5:28pm 
+rep+ kind killer
:tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: TACOS ALL THE DAMN TIME!! :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: TACOS ALL THE DAMN TIME!!!! :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: I WANT TACOS!! :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo::tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: :tacooo: TACOOOOOOOSS! :tacooo:
Fuchs Oct 10 @ 2:05pm 
+REP very good teamplay. x3
overcurrent Oct 5 @ 2:09pm 
Ive just seen a dumb pallet in that mori animation ;-;
DCxCadafich Oct 1 @ 2:22pm 
+rep good killer
xvivi18 Sep 22 @ 3:23am 
amazing mate ahahah <3