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Welcome! My name is William, and I live in the United Kingdom.
Company Director @ Encrypted Laser Limited
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Between the 18th of April and the 15th of June, I will become more inactive due to an increase of focus on education and study. My message response times will increase, so please don't be irritated if I don't reply to you for a few days.
I will also NO LONGER be providing any support regarding ELHS through Steam - please create a ticket and another member of our team will help you out!

Information About Metallic
I am a very passionate individual who spends way too much time on my computer at all times of the day. I am also the Company Director of Encrypted Laser Limited and ELHostingServices. ELHostingServices has become my primary focus since July 2016, with me putting most of my free time into operating or improving the services. I founded ELGCommunity in 2013, which was in service until December 2014 before the community was put into hibernation for a year. It has since been developed and relaunched by old staff members.

ELHostingServices is an expanding hosting company which I run, which sells a range of web, game, and voice hosting at a competitive price around the world. Each service runs on high-performance servers which are located in the United Kingdom, France, and New York. We can also offer custom configured services to suit your needs better; this allows us to not only serve individuals but large communities or businesses.

Metallic's Computer Information
CPU: Intel i7 6700K at 4.2GHz
Graphics Card: NVidia GTX 780ti Graphic Card
RAM: 32GB of Corsair Vengeance DDR4
SSD: 500GB Samsung SSD
HDD: 4TB Western Digital Red of HDD's
Case: Corsair Obsidian 900D Case
Average Internet Connection (To London): Down: 52.8MBp/s - Up: 10.5mbp/s - Ping: 26

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What are you doing reading all the way down here?
You must actually have an interest in me or what I do, either that you are so bored that you had to resort to reading someone's profile to stop you falling asleep. Nevertheless - thanks!
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