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Jorge Pinto   Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal
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Without spoiling anything for you, this masterpiece is shortly about a girl fighting her inner demons on an impossible quest.

What is so good about it?
- The acting, best acting in a VG I ever witnessed.
- The visuals, the environment, the sound, the animations. did I mention the acting?

What's not so good?
- The story is good but sometimes I wish I had a FF button somewhere to skip some stuff (long walks, etc).
- Although it has some puzzles and fights, the game is not challenging, so, as I don't like the term "Walking Sim", lets call it a linear interactive journey into the dark side of the mind with a few puzzles and fights! - If you're a fan of walking sims, this is no problem at all, but, if you are like me, playing or watching some other people play "walking sims" it's almost the same thing... hmmmm should I have played it on a harder difficulty level? - Wellllll, I'm not playing it again so I'll never know :P

Although the obvious mixed feelings about the game I cannot help but recommend it to anyone - and I still think it is a masterpiece - One way or another it is an enjoyable experience. Just don't expect this to be the game you are waiting to be released since the day you were born!

p.s. IMHO in order to fully enjoy the game you have to be in the right mindset to play it.

I'm deeply sorry about any typos or other atrocities to the English language I might have committed.
SweetDalilah 2019年2月1日 21時38分 
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