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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 10:42pm

A New Battle

Start the Game
Unlocked Oct 9 @ 7:30pm

Who's your type?

Use every starting character
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 11:05pm


Level up a character
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 3:58am

Level 25

Get any character's level to 25
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 11:05pm

Restoring Powers Lost...

Unlock a new skill with any character
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 4:00am


Use slip shift to dodge an enemy attack
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 11:16pm


Execute a strong special move by canceling a special move
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 10:50pm

Rapid Fire

While playing as Yuzuha, repeatedly press the SP button during a jump
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 11:15pm


Land a 100-hit or more combo
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 10:54pm

Don't Be Picky

Restore health by eating food you don't like
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 4:10am

Me Too, Me Too!

Unlock a hidden character
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 9:43pm

An Unexpected Train Ride

Enter the Yuritsubame train bonus stage
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 3:38am

Stop it at the Source!

Destroy the mysterious keystone
Unlocked Oct 9 @ 7:07pm

A Perfect Train Ride

Get a perfect score on the Lily Sparrow bonus stage
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 11:05pm

Travel to Another World

Clear the Akihabara stage
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 11:18pm

The Starting Place

Clear the College of Music stage
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 11:32pm

Strange Things

Clear the boat building stage
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 12:01am

Cocoa's Dream

Clear the Ikebukuro stage
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 3:00am

Into the Country of Darkness

Clear the Shinjuku stage
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 3:28am

The Sealed Shrine

Clear the Kumon Shrine stage
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 3:58am

The Phantom World

Clear the Demonsphere stage
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 4:10am

Escape from the Demonsphere

Clear the escape stage
Unlocked Oct 8 @ 8:23pm

As a Phantom Breaker

Clear any stage in online co-op play

I think I got it!

Read the Tutorial

Maximum Level

Get any character's level to 50


Unlock every skill for one character

Get ready! Kurisu is here.

Thank you for your purchase.

Level up with Kurisu

Level up with Kurisu

Level 25 with Kurisu

Get Kurisu's level to 25

Clear a stage with Kurisu

Clear any stage with Kurisu

Clear the game with Kurisu

Clear all of the stages playing as Kurisu

What is This Power?

Raise any character's level to the maximum level

Get serious when Frau comes

Thank you for your purchase

Level Up as Frau

Level Up as Frau

Get to Level 10 as Frau

Frau has reached Level 10

Get to Level 25 as Frau

Frau has reached Level 25

Get to Level 50 as Frau

Frau has reached Level 50

Clear a stage with Frau

Clear any stage with Frau

Clear the game with Frau

Clear all stages with Frau

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