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This mod adds several eight-wheeled "Umbauwagen" (type (4)yg) of the DB, more precisely the types AB4yg (1./2.class), B4yg (2. class) and BPw4yg (2. class and luggage).
Except for logos, all new features of Transport Fever are supported (interior with pas
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OfficialLegende Jul 14 @ 8:42am 
the dummy mod i mean
OfficialLegende Jul 14 @ 8:40am 
what does this mod i dont now what it do??
Merk Apr 10 @ 9:59am 
A link for what? The UG mod is shipped with the game (let Steam validate the game files if you can't find it) and like I said, it's no longer necessary to use my mod, as it doesn't provide any additional functionality. (Even if I would send you a link to my mod, you wouldn't be able to see it)
SPAAAAAAACE!!! Apr 10 @ 8:59am 
can i have a link pls :3
Merk Apr 10 @ 8:52am 
UG improved the standard no cost mod a long time ago. Now it has the same functionality my version had. Which means there is no need to use my version anymore (which is still present in the workshop, but hidden). If the game says the mod is missing for your savegames, you can just replace it with the standard mod.
SPAAAAAAACE!!! Apr 10 @ 7:51am 
Where is no costs mod ;_; pls return it!