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fishska Apr 3 @ 6:18am 
hello i heard you were looking for a steel spy merc
shock lft Mar 30 @ 2:46pm 
Broken. Mar 9 @ 12:46am 
greenwood lft mid Feb 19 @ 5:28am 
Accept need to ask you something
fishska Jan 30 @ 2:24pm 
If you think about it, Steve from Minecraft is actually a fucking legend. You first start off seeing the man punching FUCKING trees for gods sake, and not having bloody fists or anything. He then fucking takes the raw logs and turns it into a refined crafting bench, holy FUCK. He even had a beard, but it was magically shaven off by the God Known as Notch! WOW! He then mines stone with a fucking wooden pickaxe, like who the fuck does that? Only Steve! After that, he embarks on an epic journey to get obsidian, to make a fucking PORTAL, A FUCKING PORTAL! dude steve is so fucking good like legit nobody can stop him, he eventually finds a fucking stronghold located underground like thousands of miles away from his spawn, name one fucking person who can do it besides him.
Regular meh Sep 18, 2017 @ 11:18am 
gay lul