I`m no longer a trader. Don't ask anything as not described bellow.
Do not add as friends unless you have a good reason for.
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ps- sorry, but i`m not expanding my friends list.

My card bot was moved to this account:

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My account only trades the dupes Menels STM quickmatch []
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Got few sets I`m trading for other sets and/or random cards that my bot doesnt own.
Looking for some value after fee trades.

2x ABC Coloring Town
1x Absconding Zatwor
2x Barnyard Mahjong 3
1x Bayla Bunny
8x Brilliant Bob
2x Chess Knight 2
3x Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
7x Forsaken Uprising
1x Guns of Icarus online
5x Half life 2
4x Knights and merchants
4x Lowglow
1x Mahjong Deluxe 2: Astral Planes
1x Mahjong Destiny
6x Overcast
1x Puzzles under the Hill
5x Resildent Evil 2: Revelations
16x Team Fortress 2.
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can you add again
eZcape Apr 27 @ 11:37am 
cheers mate, the bot is in healthy condition?:)
Menels Apr 26 @ 8:24am 
And to whoever reads WallberGG msg...
It was previously asked to and accepted by Tinkerbell that it was ok to do so. o/
There is a reason for report on STM which is called "Declining all trade offers." .
So you are violating the rules!
Menels Apr 25 @ 12:24pm 
The fun part is... there is nothing I`ve done reportable...
however.... harassment is a reportable offence on steam.