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I will always be concor.
keklft forever
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Brawlhalla idiot
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AFLAN Committee member.

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wubwub Mar 3 @ 1:07pm 
Added to discuss something :D
thepizzaman2013 Feb 13 @ 2:33am 
Jesus fucking Christ, yo Concorde. Can you please accept my Friend Request? our team Crispy Doughs are going up against your team APEX.murni. Accept my Friend Request once you've seen this and send me a message saying: Hello.

thepizzaman2013 Feb 12 @ 12:51am 
lol sorry
Calypso Feb 11 @ 10:56pm 
Fucking be nice will ya?
thepizzaman2013 Feb 11 @ 9:09pm 
Added for afc match. Fucking accept will ya?
Calypso Feb 4 @ 10:54pm 
Added for afc match