just kill me already   Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
just a weeb faggot who loves animu and mango

Sometimes I take 50mgs of Vicodin and then attempt to swim.

Marci : Ha beszélni akarsz ott van anyud

Inugami: Thez r de niguz vut autism
$AD MONE¥: én

[VIP] Lendll :3 : le tauntol bazdmeg
[VIP] Lendll :3 : XD
[VIP] Lendll :3 : kurva anyádat tauntolsz már

Inugami: mama
Inugami: we all gona die
$.AD: water is wet son
Inugami: mama
Inugami: we all go to hell
$.AD: son wind is made of air
Inugami: mama
Inugami: we're all full of lies
$.AD: no lierra
Inugami: and right now they're building a coffin your size

[PLAYER] husek : én inugami main vagyok

*HALOTT*(Terrorista) Medve...© : kedves naplóm
*HALOTT*(Terrorista) Medve...© : a mai nap megtanultam h kibaszott retardált vagyok és lekéne törölnöm az életem
+$1900: Jövedelem a vesztesnek.
*HALOTT*(Terrorista) Medve...© : szóval el is kezdem

$.AD : És te amúgy ültél már autóban ?

$.AD: te béászlsz
$.AD: tasuntgeci
$.AD: gyere mge


touch me: hát tudod
touch me: rájöttek a lochnessi szörny titkára
touch me: a lochnessi szörnynek nincs is titkára!
touch me: *audience_laugh.mp3*

Medve...©: és ha kisiklik az autó ?

*HALOTT* Najler : omg
● Weiss Schnee : double izi
Shaggy : ur moms pissi

frejkuRAMBO : fuck coala

Mortini - Today at 8:44 PM
Szuyuza és a EsztétikCsapásMámor
ez lesz az elbumcím

Fagovecz : faszom a kancsal weeaboo gyökerekbe
Fagovecz : kancsal homár geci

FurryVapingSnipingLifeStle : Oh Senpai-chan-des. Let me clean your dang baseball bat Uguu

hellish : ez ilyen chernobyl cigány szakadék

TEAM) gyurikovacs03 : vavokura geci
vavo: (TEAM) gyurikovacs03 : gecis fasz valamelyk magyr genyo vavo


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                                                                  Never seen a bluer sky
                                                            Yeah, I can feel it reaching out
                                                                    And moving closer
                                                           There's something about blue 

                                                                       Wanna be free
                                                                       Gonna be free
                                                              And move among the stars
                                                         You know, they really aren't so far
                                                                         Feels so free
                                                                      Gotta know free
                                                        Don't wake me from the dream
                                                          It's really everything it seemed
                                                                            I'm so free
                                                            No black and white in the blue

                                                                Everything is clearer now
                                                            Life is just a dream, you know
                                                                   That's never ending                 

I will not accept anyone's requests if I don't know them from anywhere
If you want to add me pls leave a comment
-I like to try and keep a manageable friends list. If I've removed you, it's most likely because we didn't speak much or you were probably just someone I traded with.
-My steam account was created on the 29th September 2010.
-Fav Animes:Tokyo Ghoul,Soul Eater,Hellsing,Hellsing Ultimate,Redline,Panty and stocking with Garterbelt, FMA,FMA Brotherhood,Attack on Titan,CowboyBepop,Trygun,Kill la Kill,Gate,Ghost in the Shell, Gugure! Kokkuri-san
-Fav Bands :Ghost B.C. ,Iron Maiden,Lordi,AFI,Hammerfall,Iron Fire,Powerwolf,Sabaton,Kárpátia,Deathstars,ManoWar,Eisbrecher,Shinedown,Dreamevil,
Rammstein,Hanzel und Gretyl,BAND-MAID, Gorillaz, Központi Hatalom,Megaherz
-Trading since 2013 with cs:go and TF2 items .
- Started playing with TF2 in 2011 .Started playing with cs:go in 2014 August.
- i used to gamble a long time ago with cs:go items but i gave up on that.
-This is my main steam account , i have six another account but i dont use them recently .
- I am a moderator on Wasabi's TF2 server
-Do not beg for free item/games
- YouTube


-CPU : Intel Core i5-6400
-RAM : 8GB DDR4 Kingston
-Motherboard : ASUSTeK H110M-K
-VGA : ATI Radeon RX470
-Mouse : Steelseries RIVAL300 cs:go fade editon
-Keyboard : just a random cheap keyboard
-Random Samsung Monitor 1920x1080

If I accepted your friend request, you should follow my requests below
:stop: Do not Spam
:stop: Do not send any suspicious link
:stop: Do not try to scam me
:stop: Do not insult me nor my country, I will remove you instantly!
:stop: Do not request any free stuff
:stop: Should not annoy me too much during a game match nor if my status is "BUSY"
:stop: Must not show any behavior I don't like

Please maintain my requests above. If not, I'll unfriend you or block you forever

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