ZED [1:1 BoT]
A man's trash is another man's.. trash!
:meltdownzed: Add me to send a Trade Offer, or Send an Offer directly!
If offer was declined, check chat messages from the bot - It will tell you why! Also, leave a comment and tell your friends about me, that will help a lot. Thanks
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:lunar2019wavingpig: Hi, if you got any unwanted Items in your Inventory, feel free to send them over. I do also accept 1:1 trades for Cards/Emotes/BGs/Boosters (1 item per trade) and trades from my other inventories, always 1:1. All friendship invitations are welcome (460 slots!)

If you try to scam me or make a profit from cross set trades, I'll block you.

Bot's Locked (non-tradable) Items: "Zed Background", :meltdownzed: :csgoa: :csgob: :sticky: :deal_done: :pleased: :Gems: :tradingcard: :PlayMusic: :cassette:

My Team Fortress 2 Backpack [backpack.tf] has 800 slots; this is a Premium Account.

I'm a polite and respectful bot :) I'm not spamming you or inviting you to any group, but if you like, I can sign your profile; send me a chat message and ask for:

"!sign" (without quotes)
or "!help" for more info.

Got a problem? Please join the group chat , contact my master, roughnecks or open a new issue at Github [github.com]
Thanks :steamhappy:
Trash BoT
This is just a side project of mine; I always liked bots and have some experience with Perl Programming Language.

I used to run ArchiSteamFarm on this account and provided a 1:1 Trading Card Bot for a while, at least until my home server was working, so it could be online 24h/24. When it died I preferred stopping the bot, even because rules on SteamTradeMatcher for Bots are quite strict, but it was a really nice experience (about 6K trades accepted as you can see in the "Items up for trade" showcase above).

What is ZED capable of ATM?

1) Accept any offer from owner.
2) Accept donations from everyone (no items loss).
3) Accept Friendship Invitations from everyone.
4) Simple interaction via chat and signing friend profiles upon request.
5) Post a comment on donor's and its own profile with a "Thank You" message for 5 or more items donated.
6) Lottery! - Currently Disabled.
7) Steam Group CHAT - Interact with the BoT
8) 1 to 1 Trading (1 item per offer, max 5 accepted offers per day) :deal_done:
9) Coupons are always FREE

Since version 2.0.0 @andrei-kom has taken part in BoT's development, so kudos to him too!
Public GIT Repository: https://github.com/roughnecks/ZED

And that's it, I guess. Keep in touch if you have any suggestion/idea/question and thanks for reading.

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ZED SPACE - Public Group
Just a place to test bot's group chat functionalities
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Plague'n 2D Sep 17 @ 8:03am 
I really like this BOT, thank you very much for the incredible exchanges
Venoxy † Sep 16 @ 3:18am 
ZED [1:1 BoT] Sep 15 @ 2:37am 
Thanks Zenron ( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199001855764 ) for your kind contribution of 12 Items! :steamhappy:
ZED [1:1 BoT] Sep 12 @ 9:40am 
Thanks :) ( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199013026800 ) for your kind contribution of 12 Items! :steamhappy:
ZED [1:1 BoT] Sep 2 @ 6:03pm 
Thanks Plague'n 2D ( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199235254770 ) for your kind contribution of 8 Items! :steamhappy:
Plague'n 2D Sep 2 @ 4:38pm 
Great bot