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-𝕯𝓐-draglyin Jul 17 @ 4:35pm 
+rep hes a dweeb
nut Jun 12 @ 2:21pm 
⓪w⓪ ◎w◎ ◉w◉ ⚆w⚆ ⦿w⦿ ☮︎w☮︎ ☯︎w☯︎ ⚙︎w⚙︎ ♉︎w♉︎ ☼w☼ ☭w☭ ☪︎w☪︎ ⚲w⚲ ♡w♡ ✇w✇ ⚾︎w⚾︎ ✧w✧ ↀwↀ ↂwↂ ⍬w⍬ ✘w✘ ▷w▷ ❁w❁ ♾w♾ ♻︎w♻︎ ✆w✆ ☣︎w☣︎ ☠︎w☠︎ ☢︎w☢︎ ⏀w⏀ ⍟w⍟ ⌂w⌂ ✡︎w✡︎ ☌w☌ ♒︎w♒︎ ♢w♢ ☁︎w☁︎ ℺w℺ ©w© ΩwΩ ♊︎w♊︎ ❂w❂ ✬w✬ ✞w✞ ✠w✠ ₀w⁰ ⁰w₀ ൨w൨ ፬w፬ ৫w৫ ៥w៥ ൫w൫ ⚀w⚀ 〼w〼 OwO
nut Jun 12 @ 2:05pm 
You😍so😍fuckin'😍precious😍when😍you😍smile Hit😍it😍from😍the😍back😍and😍drive😍you😍wild Girl,😍I😍lose😍myself😍up😍in😍those😍eyes I😍just😍had😍to😍let😍you😍know😍you're😍mine
nut Mar 3 @ 6:23pm 
I heard it was your 🎂 birthday 🎂 😊 so i got you 😍 the best 🎁❤️ gift💦. I'm giving 🎁 you my 🍆 💦 💦. I'll give you all the space cummies 👽🍆💦 💦 you could want ❤️ 💦. I hope 🙏 you don't mind if you give me your 🍑 💦 in return 😍.But now, you're 1️⃣8️⃣! You can start ▶️⏸ your bigger expedition 🚀✈️🌌 into the great unknown 🎆🎇! More daddies 👦🏻👨🏻👴🏻 will get to feel 👉🏼🖐🏼✊🏼 on your ISS 🚀🚀💦 while you land ⬇️⬇️ on their moons 🌗🌑🌓and excavate 👷🏾‍♂️👷🏾‍♂️ their caverns 🌏🌍🌎! 😘. Happy 😘😍 Birthday 🎁 🍆 💦.
nut Jan 31 @ 1:09pm 
it is wednesday my dudes
nut Jan 29 @ 9:21am 
✋w🅰it💡, ✋w🅰it💡, ✋w🅰it💡.... ✊h🅾ld✊ y🅾ur 🐎h🅾rses🐎... 😯uhⓂ😯... Y🅾U'RE 🅰👡GIRL👙 🎮G🅰ⓂER🎲?!!?! O_O N🅾t t🅾 be 🅰 💄fre🅰k👓, 🅱ut.. 💢just💢 🕛when🕐 I 💡th🅾ught💡 👉y🅾u👈 🚫c🅾uldn't🚫 get Ⓜ🅾re 💘🅰ttr🅰ctive💖.. 👉y🅾u👈 ✔st🅰rted🐵 🚇pl🅰ying🚅 🏆vide🅾 g🅰Ⓜes.🚎 👍Nicely👍 d🅾ne, Ⓜ'lady🎩👌. 👉Y🅾u've👈 just 🗼bec🅾Ⓜe🗼 ⛪every🏦 👖Ⓜ🅰n's👔 🌠dre🅰Ⓜ✨ 👜w🅾Ⓜ🅰n👚. If y🅾u h🅰d Ⓜissed 🅰 c🅾uple 🅱ef🅾re, ⏰n🅾w⌛ 👉y🅾u👈 c🅰n 🅱e sure y🅾u've g🅾t us 🗿ALL🗿 "dr🅾🅾ling", l🅾l.✔