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NiGhT_RaVeN13 Jul 22, 2017 @ 5:10pm 
Hey was crazy seeing you on the train few weeks back, only getting round to messaging you now. How's things? What you been up to? How's the uni course doing, I remember you mentioned you were doing one last time we talked.
Xian780 Jan 27, 2013 @ 9:06am 
you smell
NiGhT_RaVeN13 Jul 23, 2012 @ 5:13pm 
How'd the steam sale go for you? Get much?
NiGhT_RaVeN13 Jun 25, 2012 @ 3:40pm 
Nice specs, but yeah, that does need upgrading for some of the current games (Deus Ex HR needs a Raedon HD 5800)

Two terabyte of storage is ALOT! What do you do with all that space! I mean i could live with 500 GB but 1 TB! By any chance do you use RAID? Just curious, done a CompTIA course and it had that sorta stuff on it....but the ram you need to get it up to 8-16 gig if possible, my teacher had built a PC with an i-7 over-clocked to 3.2 or something like that and had 16 gig of ram, loads of other stuff thrown in on top, made it portable with a handy handle....however he was a woeful teacher and didn't really teach, had to teach myself most of the stuff >_< lol
NiGhT_RaVeN13 Jun 17, 2012 @ 3:32am 
Unix isn't that hard to put on, well from my experience, unless you're building it from the source that's something i've never done! But i'd rather the teacher teaches us the mains commands and leaves us to it, i mean learning is mainly about finding the information yourself and not relying on others, which is what i felt our coding classes were like!

I should check the mag out, been using the internet but most of the stuff here is like 4-5 years old! Only mags i got recently are linux ones, but can't wait till steam officially comes on that platform! So what's your specs for your next computer you'll make seeing the current one is getting slightly dated? :P
NiGhT_RaVeN13 Jun 15, 2012 @ 10:56am 
I remember doing repeitive results with C code with computational physics, projecting the orbit of a object or creating the blackbody curves in different temperature regions, easy when you've got the know how and the general code (copied from the profs own notes, lol!) But yeah, i can see how fortan can be used for that, i mean that's what it was built for, C is for all round goodness, i mean some games i play on here are built with C and it's variants!

Once i get enough money i'll consider building a computer, but i'll take into consideration about the motherboard, i suppose it needs to be the most up to date part of the computer so you can upgrade it in the future (and hopefully they won't change the proccessor form much).....i'm sure i'll get together if i did have the parts. How's your summer been btw?