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Stevuel : how does this guy talk more then all of us together
[Ξн] Babygirl : HAHAHAHHA

DataWorm - Master Of Suicide : damn, I'm getting hungry
[SQ] [Ξн] blue : story of melisas life

thenoobastic : Mel is the best admin i think

(ADMINS) [Ξн] blue: I never win arguements with you anyways
(ADMINS) [Ξн] blue: you're always right...

Melisa: Guys, there's this old lady at my work and the only thing she says is "kappa"
Alca: Imo it's Melisa herself

[Ξн] Melisa |: what kind of porn are you downloading
[Ξн] Melisa |: cmon
[Ξн] SUKISUKI: Hentai

[Ξн] Melisa |: you suck
[Ξн] SukiSuki: yes i suck

[DBH] NiC: i wish i could draw, cause i just imagined you, well cartoon you getting really pissed then strangling a pillow, stop then hug it then get angry at it again

Colt555: u cant stop the colt

Jonfy: any plans for the summer? get tanned? ;)
[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: no, more like, get drunk as ♥♥♥♥
Jonfy: sounds great ;)

19:15 - Domyyy: tell me when map changes tyvm
19:15 - Melisa | #Fittslick: hahahahhahahahhaa
19:15 - Melisa | #Fittslick: will do
19:15 - Domyyy: ive got enough problems, dont need cancer from officeattack :D
19:15 - Melisa | #Fittslick: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHA
19:15 - Melisa | #Fittslick: trueeeeee

Domyyy: so many kills wow
Domyyy: probably because blue wasnt here

20:02 - Melisa | #Fittslick: what do you think about officerush?
20:02 - Domyyy: do you really want to know?
20:02 - Melisa | #Fittslick: yes pls
20:02 - Domyyy: it is gay as ♥♥♥♥♥
20:02 - Melisa | #Fittslick: HAHAHAHAHAHA

OfficerushEnthusiast123 : NID BAKAP
[Candyhunter] [ﮔʜ] Melisa | : NID BAKAP

Domyyy has changed their name to OfficerushLover123.

Domyyy: jokingly nominated officerush
Domyyy: it got nextmap

[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: Eu vim em paz : should have more maps like office, piranise, dust in this server :(
Domyyy: "kys"

[NE] [ﮔʜ] Melisa | has nominated zm_officerush_b8.
Domyyy : melisa, dont

Domyyy: started css and was about to join v1. i see it's officerush and immediately close the game
[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: HAHAHAHAH ofc

Domyyy: yes you are almighty and superior
[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: :))

[ﮔʜ] CheChen_TR.: pls dont knife me again...
[ﮔʜ] Melisa | #loke: HAHAHAH, don't worry i'm not playing
[ﮔʜ] CheChen_TR.: ohhhhh ty

Jonfy : au, my head
[Candyhunter] [ﮔʜ] Melisa | : it's ok jonfy u got dropped as an infant anyways
Jonfy : ye, sadly

02:03 - Kevisonfire: melisa go to bed LOL
02:04 - Kevisonfire: im drunk as ♥♥♥♥ just posted that same mssg in a twitch channel fml

Kevisonfire: i just woke up i was drunk af last night
Kevisonfire: i fell asleep on the floor LOLL

Finny: i have micropenis
Finny: very very small

15:26 - Melisa |: Are you working undercover again?
15:27 - Brummbär: yep somehow :-D
15:27 - Melisa |: HAHAHAHAHHA

[ﮔʜ] Havoc ツ: idk, when i start the game it lags like crazy then i can't move for 30 seconds while zombies eat me out
[ﮔʜ] Havoc ツ: that sounds so wrong

[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: why u leave css then....
WolfRam: ill come back now :)
[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: good boy
WolfRam: couldnt play without the best girl in css ;)

[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: plugging it in next month
Nobody: oh first then?
Nobody: damn
Nobody: if i dont plug it in at least 2-3 a week then its a bad week
[ﮔʜ] Melisa |: AHAHAHHA i meant my pc idiot
Nobody: oh

LosT: im hungry
LosT: i feel like you
LosT: or not rlt
LosT: rly
LosT: you arent hungry. you just want the food xd
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