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lol faggot u got vac banned

tom, kys

meks: dont u know that girl?
DocThor: huh
DocThor: what girl
DocThor: did someone else say this?
meks: that said thepopcicle shit
meks: yeah its on utube
DocThor: oh didnt know
DocThor: oooooooooh
DocThor: this one
DocThor: i saw this meme before
DocThor: but didnt understand what she said lol
DocThor: but
DocThor: she isnt actually 12 right?
DocThor: not like
DocThor: i got a weird boner or anything
DocThor: ...
DocThor: i
DocThor: just stfu now
DocThor: bye
meks: wtf

DocThor: ok so
DocThor: 1. you put dick in your dog
DocThor: 2. cum in it
DocThor: 3. jizz
DocThor: 4. get dick out
DocThor: 5. suck your own semen out of your dogs ass
DocThor: 6. fuck dog again
DocThor: 7. keep repeting this until you run out of semen
DocThor: it's kinda tiring if you do it daily but you get used to it fast
meks: dude what the hell
DocThor: your dog doesn't tho, if it's hy
DocThor: what?
DocThor: *shy
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