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Treasure Tracker

Dig up some buried treasure
Unlocked Oct 29, 2017 @ 12:43pm

Lore Master

Hold at least 50 lore books in your inventory.

Gold Digger

Obtain over 10,000 gold.

Pardon Me

Craft the Pardon Pusher.

We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Craft The Maiden.

High As A Kite

Obtain a Hightop Bloom Flower.

Robinson Who-soe?

Sail past the 1000 unit mark.

The Turtle Club

Obtain a set of Turtle Armor.

Holy Mackerel

Fish up a Gigantic Mouth Seabass.

It Exists?

Fish up a Dragon Fish.

Monster Hunter

Defeat the Dark Guardian


Kill the Spider Queen.

And My Axe!

Obtain the Loreman's Lofty Axe.

That's Hardcore

Defeat Draegan on Hardcore Mode.

Master Navigator

Obtain the Golden Compass.


Obtain the Druid Spirit Idol.


Obtain a legendary item.

Skimmy Dipping

Get the Jungle Skimmy boat.


Obtain all journal inks.

Mad Hatter

Obtain the Lucky Fisherman's Hat.

Like A Boss

Defeat every boss in the game.

A True Adventurer

Complete the main quest line.

Merchant Master

Complete every merchant quest in the game.

Oh Deer

Hunt and kill The Alpha Stag.

Where Everyone Can See

Place a flag on a very tall mountain.

Map Quest

Map 100 islands at 100% accuracy.

Lovely Bones

Purify the Ancient Skull.

Galley Gallery

Decorate your boat with a painting.

Shoot Da Fruit!

Knock fruit from a tree and shoot it with an arrow before it hits the ground.