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Posted: Jul 17, 2017 @ 1:01am

DISCLAIMER: I have played CS:GO on multiple accounts and alltogether I have 996 hours on the game. (upon writing the review)

CS:GO is a VERY skill-based game. It's not like most FPShooters where you pick it up, get a gun and you're already killing people. In CS:GO, if you dont have experience from previous Counter-Strike games, it can be very difficult, since the game mechanics are very unique. A person who just bought the game has no chance in defeating a player with even 500hours. CS:GO is a game that you *need* to put practice into.

The game can also be very customizable with console commands. Change your grosshair, the font of the game, change your HUD to your liking and remove clutter from the screen if needed. Workshop maps and your trusty friend Google can make these things very easy.

My overall opinion for the game is it's amazing. You can play it both casually and seriously, by playing surf, hide and seek or bunnyhop maps (many more), or by climbing the ranks playing competitive in a 5v5 game. The game can run on most systems, lower the settings or use a custom config. If you want a game that you'll play for hours, get CS:GO. (dont like it? its ya boy refund)

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