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Genii Jun 20 @ 2:30pm 
Hello I'm Snith, playing my 202143th game on Chen. Even though it's the only hero I play I still suck at it. As a compensation for my lack of skill I am going to buy all support items and gank mid at lvl 2 and fail. Thanks for listening
Giggleton May 29 @ 2:42pm 
can I hire you to make a gamemode for me please
Naikhou May 16 @ 5:52am 
Help on chat
Toxic May 15 @ 10:12am 
Need to you ask you about something.
[FG] King Apr 25 @ 11:58am 
Just got a simple question about your script
PGTV [Britain First] Apr 20 @ 1:43pm 
this wasn't stated during the terms of sale when I had paid him for the job, if he would warn people in advance the job will be deleted by him when its completed then this would be a fair point, but he doesn't and when you have lost a server with its add ons he tries to push the blame on you and would make you re-pay for what you already paid for, its such a shame! SF allows you re-download add ons which you paid for (in which Harry has jobs on SF) but he doesn't offer the same for private clients.