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Nyan~ just a fellow person who uses MMD for good stuffs. I love pokemon so fluffy...I always try to be nice.Many things happen so I can get a little emotional I don't plan to ever share my real name so if your gonna ask it will most likely be a no and age why would you want to know? Well I'm farely young so thats about it imformation wize.My comments may not be packed but my friends are what fill this whole thing up in my opinion they rock they're all crazy talented or crazy cool altogether.I love blaz blue anime and MMD{miku miku dance} heres link if your interested:
I do attend school. Also gay people rock I support it like crazy you should watch it :3
Im a major fan of anime I make crafts and such on my deiveintart I mainly draw or mmd Feel free to call me K-Chan.


❤ thanks for taking a look at my profile ❤

ps...I change my pick alot is a little hard finding me by pic
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