Welcome to my Profile!
Welcome to my Profile!
If you want to add me as a friend make sure...
:hunkofcheese: To have your profile set as public.
:hunkofcheese: That you have no problem with the darkest dark humor possible.
:hunkofcheese: You ain't easily offended. PLEASE: I've had so many problems with weak people in the past.

:sunspeed: I'm not interested in trading. Close friends can still make offers.

:gmod: Here is a list of all my Garry's Mod addon subscriptions.
:Muffin_time: Discord-Tag: Megamezzomixer#7281

Visit for detailed information about my current setup.

:Muffin_time: Daniel - Got me into drinking Black Tea, also a notoric gmod roleplay gamer.
:winter2019coolyul: Lifesence - A calm norwegian, known for leading the Alessi Clan. Nice to play with!
:facepunch: Daryl Dixon - Very good friend!
:Safe_House: Wraith - Longest irl friend I have
:Safe_House: DeGamer36 - Very long friendship; Likes trains!
:winter2019coolyul: Alba - Long time friend, went through some shiz
:balloonicorn: WeirdCat - A weird cat and nicest russian you'll know; Likes to sample my voice
:OGOA: Puppet - BRRRRT forever! :P
:Animal_Instincts: Snow - Great guy, had some nice experience with him
:thetrap: Bajur - On what layer of memery are you on? Edit: On the 34nd level, he said
:crate: Mosin - A good meme boi
:csgoglobe: FrozenHaxor - Best coder and electrician I know; Inspired me to some things
:whiteward: Dredriv - Old good friend; Wonder what he's up to these days

:2015holly: I'll let people know when they belong here personally <3
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Megamezzomixer May 20 @ 3:22am 
zwei noch?
Mid May 19 @ 9:00am 
haben wir gar kein pepps mehr?
Megamezzomixer Apr 25 @ 1:44pm 
Sorry, this email address rejects my email :(
Have fun with your autistic kid tho haha
[FL:RP] LikeSimon Apr 25 @ 9:09am 
Please respond, I am the mother of a 9 year old that you played Minesweeper with. After your [One "vs" One] match with him he came home with a sore back, not too long after that he got diagnosed with autism out of the sudden, my child has always been very loquacious and talktive, it all started changing after your match please tell me what happened in your private lobby, i tried joining the lobby but it asked for my credit card information for some reason so i didn't trust that, Please don't take offense in this but the internet is a wild place nowadays you can't trust anything anymore. more importantly tho, i await your reply, please contact me at "" if you happen to read this.
Megamezzomixer Mar 21 @ 4:45am 
I abuse the admins, yes :D
Bajur Mar 20 @ 1:08pm 
GTA RP admin abuser