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la la la la la la la la la la : dont talk to mega he gay cheater
*DEAD* `JmaX : mega aim hack
sHaN "D" Handsome"Chelsea" : soul suck megafuses dick..
(Terrorist) Cr1st : aim assist?
(Terrorist) Leonhardt* Ø @ T Spawn : what a scout skill
R#### : hacks
Pin CODEx ™: mega is so crazy
*DEAD* ?Messenger Of God ?™ : u r a pro
*DEAD* Kirito : mega with his bhop
*DEAD* Rotiprata : u hax ?
gameratz : megafuse clearly using soft aimbot
*DEAD* Lucas : megafuse is a cheater
Fraggy : so fast wow
Xan : WOW MWGAFUSE!!!!!!!!!!
Lowlight : mega that bhop
*DEAD* \Ex1sTz™ : nc wallhack mate
ShahShah59 : stop megafuse 2018
*DEAD* luckbox : ahckers
*DEAD* AQ : megafuse is hacks
Sick Ranchez : wtf vac shot
Onion : nice aimbot megafuse
STARBOY : fuck u scout hax
AWP_Master : Hacker mega
[OG] Irish_Rich : look at this guy, what a hack
MrStealYourGun : mega warlord server hackeer
*SPEC* O2 : megafuse hack
prox : minimap? thats wat wallhacker would say
Øzzy™ : wat a scout skill
la la la la la la la la la la : hack hack kys
*DEAD* K i l l e r B e a r : WHAT HAX U USE?
*DEAD* HaLo : lol that bunny hop
| Long4 : wall hack
『-ivan-』 : meg, your bhop is so sexy af <3
*DEAD* rrtyy : nice hack but meh
M@ddoxX : hw he bop like dat
*DEAD* Xyrod : mega hack?
✪ EIUOL : are you cheating?
Scrubsodium : meg the aimbotter
(Terrorist) Crusader @ T Spawn : damn mega <3
gozunesss : yeah mega is hacker
*DEAD* Floki : mega moves too much lol
Vash Millions : you're a fucking beast
Hertz : megu pretty dank with scout
*DEAD* Queenie : nice hack
cnq1 : is that even legal? lol spinning like that
Queenie : this korea guy move so weird
Nepgya! hellcase : hacking ?
✪Tr1ple : stfu you hacking cunt
✪Tr1ple : megu ur bunnyhop hacking
Zero Two : he not hack lol his just good at bhopping
*DEAD* Mivec : admit u hacking!!!
*DEAD* Eiosh : wall?
*DEAD* Y A K U L T : mg hacking
WHITE : mg hack ?
zero : if you keep play like that ppl will say ur cheating
*DEAD* shotMyAss : mg wth is that
*DEAD* shotMyAss : hax : HACKS
*DEAD* naverick12 : oh no its mg
*DEAD* carbon dioxide ☠ : hack
The Flashed : mg pro
damn moco : hax
*DEAD* Retiring Today : that flick
la la la la la la la la la la : mg hack
ρєитα : mg using sound hax
Renty : mg nice hax
*DEAD* Call me when u humans go extinc : stop hacking
la la la la la la la la la la : ban your self
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