I DON'T HAVE AN ALT/VAULT ACCOUNT   California, United States
I don't do random adds; please tell me how I know you before adding.
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Icon was made by Bob! (not really but he wanted me to leave that there lmao)

Goals to work toward:
* Cloud 9 Grimm Hatte :starite:
* Strange Professional Killstreak Quick-Fix :starite:
* Collector's Quick-Fix :starite:
* Fountain of Delight Meet the Medic Taunt :starite:
* Strange Festive Professional Killstreak Crusader's Crossbow :starite:
* Professional Killstreak Amputator kit :starite:
* Strange Current Event :starite:
* Get a job at Valve
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:starite::starite: I DON'T HAVE AN ALT/VAULT ACCOUNT. Anyone adding you to ask for a trade is NOT ME since I am not a trader and I never add people. :starite::starite:

Q: Will you accept my friend request?
A: Most likely not; I don't really go on steam much anymore anyway. I'll still add you if we know each other or for collaborative projects, though.

Q: But I just want to talk to you and be friends D;
A: Ayyy good news, I've got a discord server that I often engage with! Click here :) []

Q: Why do you suck at playing TF2 so much?
A: Just because I like to draw fanart of a game doesn't mean I'm any good at it lmao

Q: Will you do a commission for me?
A: If you're looking for that info here, then most likely not. Check my commissions page [] for my current status and prices.

Q: Will you tell me when you're available for commissions?
A: Not individually. I'll send out a tweet when they're open again. Sometimes I'll announce them ahead of time on my discord, [] too.

Q: Can I use your art as my icon?
A: Yes. You don't even have to credit me; just don't pretend you made it if someone asks.

Q: Hey do you wanna buy/sell TF2 items?
A: No, I'm not a trader. 99% of my inventory value doesn't even belong to me; it's Bob's storage space.

Q: How do I get good at drawing?
A: Do it A LOT. Don't be afraid to fail; you're gonna do it a lot, but failure will teach you all sorts of things so embrace it. Study other people's work to see how they approach certain problems. Challenge yourself. Push your boundaries.

Q: No I mean how do I get good at drawing quickly and easily?
A: There is no quick and easy way, you ding-dong.

Q: Do you wanna join my group?
A: No.

Q: How about I just send you invites to several dozen groups anyway and you can decide for yourself if you wanna--

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