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When saw that there was a game called ‘Goat simulator’ on Steam, I smiled and I was immediately thankful that someone out there had the sense of humor and sufficient motivation to make a game with such an obstinant premise.

I almost bought it full price simply to support free-spirited developers like these; but I am happy that I refrained and waited for a sale. It’s a fun game, but not a good game.

Before playing ‘Goat Simulator’ I imagined the game in two flavors: either a realistic Goat Sim, where players would live the daily routine of a goat with normal goat missions: eat grass, escape fence, eat garden plants, evade farmer~ where the humor would arise from the realism of being a goat.

The second flavor would be an over-the- top, silly goat game with crazy game mechanics and wacky missions, ~ where the humor would be from the absurdity of it all. My first impression of ‘Goat Simulator’, as seen in Goat Nis - Part One[] confirmed that it was the latter:

‘Goat Simulator’ is an over-the-top goat sim with wacky physics and unreasonable world interaction.

It is simply impossible to describe the level of absurdity present in every aspect of this game. A complete video review will be necessary in the near future when we have time to edit the highlights in our playthrough video.

In a nutshell, I recommend this game to gamers who like cheap sandbox games. This game is not an immersive rpg or GTA with goats, but it’s fun for $5 if you catch it during a Steam Sale.

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Dub_n00bz Jul 20 @ 11:37am 
Hi, I won the Wolf Among Us giveaway on indiegala and the key is invalid.
zxScout Jul 14 @ 2:24pm 
Hi! Please mark as recieved Indiegala GA Nuclear Contingency from me you won 09 Jul 2017, thanks!
GediKnight Mar 10 @ 9:05am 
Hi Bud can we talk, want to sort Indiegala GA problem, thanx :-D
Geralt Feb 28 @ 10:08am 
Medavelvan - thank you very much for indiegala giveaway and after that for suprise gift of wishlisted game. It is really great from your side! :)
Medavelvan Dec 31, 2016 @ 10:51am 
Really cool holiday greetings everyone! Thank you all! Happy New Year 2017!
SecretAgent:KiiN Dec 31, 2016 @ 7:40am 
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