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This guide is made to help you plebs find a goth cutie.
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my name is Van, I'm 30 years old and I'm from Japan.
I'm an artist, I'm a performance artist. I'm hired for people to fulfill their fantasies, their deep, dark fantasies. I was gonna be a movie star, you know with modeling and uh acting. After 102 auditions and small parts, you know I decided that I had enough. Then I get into escort work. The clientele requested a lot of um fetishes. So I just decided to go you know full master and change my whole entire house into a dungeon. Um dungeon master, you know with a full dungeon in my house. And uh yep, It's going really well. Fisting is 300 bucks, and uh usually the guy is pretty much high on a popper to get to really get relaxed, you know and I have this long latex glove that goes all the way up to my armpit, and uh then I put on a surgical latex glove just up to my hand. Then just lube it up, and uh it's a long process you know to get your whole get your whole arm up there. But uh, It's an intense feeling for the other person, I think for myself too it's uh, you're going places that um even though its physical with your hand for but, some reason it's also emotional, it's more psychological too. And you know we both reach the same place too it's really strange at the same time. And after a session like that, I get really exhausted from it at the end.

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MechaFetus Jul 31 @ 6:23pm 
saaame i suck against zoning assists tbh lol. ggs! :lev:
pirouy Jul 31 @ 6:22pm 
t'was a fun fight, I need to train my solo peacock and not rely on peacock/band all the time, thanks for the training :D
nandes May 11 @ 6:19pm 
two rollers in a single set, ok Feb 9 @ 8:56pm 
do I know you tho? Feb 9 @ 8:55pm 
I stopped playing Skullgirls :)
Triv Triv Boy Jan 2 @ 10:36am