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Michael   Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada
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Hello yes hi I am a person

Just your local furry and otter enthusiast. Nothing too special about me.

Discord: meaty#8667

Profile picture is a commission done by Skoryx (Their FA) [www.furaffinity.net]
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There's more I'll sell, just add me to ask or leave a comment. If the answer is yes and it's a comment without an add as well, I'll add you or leave a comment on your profile.
:lunar2019piginablanket: About me I guess :lunar2019piginablanket:

Welcome to hell.

If you wanna add me, I'd prefer if you leave a comment telling me why unless I know who you are and find you pleasant to be around or I'm ingame with you and you asked. If we have mutual friends and the person/people are people I spend a good amount of time with, you might be able to get away with not commenting if you don't really know me well or at all. As for adding for the purpose of trading, all is explained in the items for sale showcase.

I'm Meaty, an admin for the Team Fortress 2 division of the clan XenoGamers. I can help with most questions you might have related to xG (the extent of rules, staff questions if you're newer staff and don't wanna approach a higherup (approach a higherup, they aren't scary), etc.).
If you would like to ask a question of some sort (xG related or otherwise), I would prefer that you message me on Discord, as I don't really want to flood my Steam friends list too much. You can easily message me if you are in the xG discord as I have messages from users I share servers with enabled. If you aren't in the server and don't want to join it, my discord is meaty#8667. I will accept any friend requests I get there and ask what the request was for, I won't remove you after if it's something sensible and you aren't just wasting my time. (If you want a link to join xG Discord, click here.) [discord.gg]

I really like otters, arctic foxes, and red pandas. They are perfect.
I'm 13, if that information is important or relevant to anyone
I'm bisexual, not really important, but I don't really have much to put here
I'm a violinist, not a good one, but a violinist nonetheless
I'm a furry, I technically have two fursonas, one being a bat named Hura, and the other being my main sona, an otter named Iori
I'm a dirty anime loving weeb, the shows I'm currently actively watching are JoJo and Anohana
I really like drawing, although I'm not very good at it
My favourite games at the moment are probably TF2 and CS:GO. Enter the Gungeon, Terraria (mostly modded), and Mordhau are up there too.

:lunar2019piginablanket: Important quotes :lunar2019piginablanket:

"I am the dispenser" -Skittle 2019
"Hello I would like to framerate" -Diphikult, jumping over the rock at Viaduct mid
sand Vacindak : admin a goose
"Hey nerd stop being a bitch." -Skelly 2019
"a" -Kypari
"I'm a loli" -virr
"I'm mom you bitch <3" -Seg

:lunar2019piginablanket: The Lads :lunar2019piginablanket:

Trap catboy
Lettuce man
A very gay hyena
A birb
One sandy boi
Jew mom


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He's right
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If you add this guy on steam you'll contract multiple STDs
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who are you