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trashtalk me here [mvmlobby.tf]
I dont deny an add
2manning pretty fun
The Second person ever to defeat every Valve made mission with 2 people, so please consider this before telling me what to do...
Gas passer users are funny to make fun of, but otherwise i really don't have the energy to care or prevent others from using the weapon at this point.
Most of what i say is complete sarcasm. Do not take me seriously

Down to teach and usually wont get frustrated but not a fan of people pretending they want to learn but just add to be carried

I am not a tacobot member. In fact, I am against many of the members and the ways of playstyle they support (game sniping, mainly queueing in stacks, tour grinding, idling, being hypocritical beyond reason about threats to the tf2 community, etc.) but agree with them being against gas, unreasonable griefers, uncommunicative players, nonf4, and cheaters.

One last thing. If you claim to fight tacobots whilst spreading false rumors and ♥♥♥♥♥ing out by abandoning every game where you run into someone you think is tacobot instead of... you know, actually fighting them (since you know how to,) youre actually losing to them.
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