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i stream everyday.
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Halo3hooks Aug 25 @ 1:25am 
nice 90s
Gr1mAnomaly Aug 25 @ 1:24am 
Hey Alex, just wanted to stop by and see your amazing profile. I hope your 7k hours on CSGO allows you to go pro in any game possible, and your epic Fortnite gameplay lets you play with all those epic gamers like Ninja (and other Fortnite players since I literally don't know a single other pro who plays that game). Nonetheless, I know you will succeed in the long life you have ahead of you and you will achieve all happiness in life. I'm waiting for that homie house, so get big as soon as possible so we can be true gamers together. :)
i have cancer Aug 10 @ 9:41pm 
get f*cked on re t ar d
Gr1mAnomaly Jun 26 @ 11:52pm 
This guy is the cutest guy I've ever met. Keep being you brother.
rowen Mar 28 @ 8:19pm 
walling to hold mge, dating prolly the ugliest girl i've ever seen in my life, LIFE'S GOOD BB
rowen Mar 28 @ 7:56pm 
imagine cheating in mm in 2019