Mateusz (Matt)   Podkarpackie, Poland
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:polandball: Me

I'm Matt (Mateusz), 30 yo.
Playing games since 1996, so over 20 years. I am IT specialist and music composer.
Playing mostly coop and simulation games.

Don't bother to answer my game invites if you can't join.

My KF2 Global Stats [kf2stats.de]

:dosprompt: Hardware
:militaryStar: CPU: i7-6700
:militaryStar: GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 8GB G1 Gaming
:militaryStar: MBD: MSI Z170A PC MATE
:militaryStar: RAM: HyperX Savage DDR4, 32GB(4x8GB)
:militaryStar: SSD: SanDisk Plus 240GB
:militaryStar: HDD: 3 x 3TB
:militaryStar: SND: Steinberg UR 22 mkII
:militaryStar: HST: Creative Fatal1ty, Sennheiser HD 558
:militaryStar: SPK: Mackie MR8, M-Audio SBX-10, Behringer MiniMon
:militaryStar: DPY: ASUS VX24AH 24", LG 22", Samsung 22", LG 43"
:militaryStar: KEY: Razer Ornata (classic green)
:militaryStar: MAU: Razer Lancehead (tournament edition)
:militaryStar: MPD: Razer Sphex
:militaryStar: OSS: Windows 10 Professional x64

:militaryStar: PlayStation 2 Satin Silver Limited Edition

:2016gameingame: Favourite Games
:militaryStar: Killing Floor 2
:militaryStar: DayZ
:militaryStar: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
:militaryStar: Toca Race Driver Series
:militaryStar: ArmA Series
:militaryStar: Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
:militaryStar: Life is Strange
:militaryStar: Half-Life 2
:militaryStar: Nfs: Underground 2
:militaryStar: C&C Series

:2016gameingame: Miscellaneous
:militaryStar: Favourite chocolate: Milka
:militaryStar: Music: all genres but reggae/disco polo
:militaryStar: I drink coffee a lot, no alcohol, don't smoke
:militaryStar: I play piano, bass guitar and clarinet (orchestra, choir, solo)
:militaryStar: I like the Windows and Dos
:militaryStar: I'm using, only, original software and games
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Horzine Biotech Group VII
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Created by - mbnq
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This guide will try to explain gameplay basics to beginners and intermediate players. No wall of text - just simple and constructive.
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Shadow of Altis is an advanced, highly customisable deathmatch system.
Action takes place on predefined or randomly generated areas called 'Safezones'
and the main goal is - in short - to kill and survive.

Scenario is singleplayer, multiplayer (jip) a
21 ratings
Created by - mbnq
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amazing game
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I'm not good at writing reviews but I'm feeling that I have to, I own this to beautiful people who made it. I also want to mention that english isn't my native.

This game is... pure gold. I'm playing games for over 15 years and there was maybe few such good singleplayer productions so far. Story is just epic, very good graphics, but the best thing in this game is main character and... the sound.

Sound designers made awesome job, amazing sound effects, music, simply wow!

It's hard to explain how good it is.
I'm in love with this game!
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