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Cloudwater: TIPA Citra BBC
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Genzarata Apr 17 @ 5:55am 
This hits kinda hard cause I'm growing older and I'm already 13....almost leaving kid years so this song kinda hits me hard....not long till I'm a young 7 years....meh kinda long but yeah I'm nearing my end point of childhood
Genzarata Apr 10 @ 6:41pm 
Me and my fellow redditors love young females! Too bad fascists and fundies have made it illegal to have relations with females under 18 in america because they are jealous of true love. HAVING SEX WITH TEENAGERS ISNT PEDOPHILIA! ITS CALLED HEBEBOPHILIA AND ITS PERFECTLY OK.
Genzarata Apr 10 @ 11:56am 
Genzarata Apr 7 @ 11:59am 
Magic and Science go hand in hand. Science is basically the brother of Magic, and I love it for being so, it means i can conjugate things into existence and make stuff explode with atomic reactions!
Mitsya Apr 7 @ 10:25am 
You remember the time you stole 40 <Norwegian currency> from that disabled child back in '86
rooftop friend Apr 4 @ 3:57pm 
I made a pact with Jesus to give up anime and fight against the elite pizza pedophiles. I am never recitivizing to anime, it was wrong and I feel guilty for conducting in it. I have been anime clean for well over 2 years now and am also proud to say I have'n t jacked it to a porno or hentai since the date of May 26 2016!