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Genzarata Aug 11 @ 5:03pm 
You make me question my sexuality and I’m only 14. Omg I love you so much

General Augusto Pinochet Aug 10 @ 2:17pm 
:wheelchair: :Bullet_: :spycon:

ur dream came true
ballzy | KritzKast Aug 10 @ 2:15pm 
i had a dream where i was playng badlands and it was a stalemate, i went to sniper (i was roamer) and my scouts put me in a wheelchair, rolled me thru main and then i dropped the med, i woke up and i couldnt wait to tell people this strat, GROUNDbreaking how can no one think of this? badlands stalemates will be broken forever. but then no wheelchair item is in tf2, can we please add this?
General Augusto Pinochet Jul 31 @ 2:47am 
Pasting this on every group I'm in since it's faster this way..

Hello there. I'm not your average internet creep who roleplays with a 30" horsecock even though they're a rabbit.
I'm just a human being looking for warm hugs and blankets and pillow forts right now.
All I'm really looking for right now is for friends, due to my list being wiped recently thanks to... Personal issues. Maybe you'll find out if we end up being good friends, or not.
Feel free to randomly add me. Even if this comment ends up being months old - Add me. Friends are always welcome.

Oh and since it is displayed on my profile, I DO roleplay, however there are conditions to it, and those are also displayed on my profile. Please pay attention to it.
General Augusto Pinochet Jul 28 @ 10:30pm 
+rep fellow ballbusting enthusiast