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5.0 год. загалом
This is one of the most complex KOF games to date, and the graphics are great. For local multiplayer it is fantastic, however... The net code is horrible. There is an insane amount of delay between when you hit a button and your character reacts. It's like playing KOF while underwater and drunk. I can't imagine how this game made it to market with such bad network play, especially since there are such great network partners out there like GGPO.

Recommended for single or local play. NOT at all recommended for netplay.
Додано 30 квітня 2014 р..
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5.8 год. загалом
I will say up front that I really wanted to like this game. I played Gothic 2 and, though I found the game difficult, ended up enjoying it greatly. I anticipated Gothic 3 would be another open-world fantasy game with better graphics that would, like the prior game, rise above its flaws. I was mistaken in my anticipation. Unlike Gothic 2, which was greater than the sum of its parts, Gothic 3 is merely the sum of its parts, some good, many flawed.

The graphics are nice, but the animation is bizarre. The game writing and voice work is poor, resulting in real problems with immersion. The game doesn't telegraph well what you are supposed to be doing and how to interact with the world and the various items you'll pick up. These are all forgivable and leftovers from the previous game. Worst of all, however, is the combat mechanic. Gothic 2 was a little wonky in combat, but it all worked out. Gothic 3 does not work out. Combat is how you advance your character and interact with the world, and it is the most distancing and alienating part of the game.

Also, I didn't read well enough and picked up both Gothic 3 AND the Forsaken Gods Enhanced Edition. That was pointless. They're both pretty much the same game, with the latter being slightly upgraded. Thank goodness for massive sales. I would otherwise have been pretty angry.

If you like open-world fantasy games and have run out of entries from Bethesda, this game might be worth trying on a major sale, but chances are you'll end up disappointed. Sure, the lack of polish is annoying, but the actual gameplay mechanics themselves are just not there, leading, ultimately, to little desire to keep playing.
Додано 18 січня 2014 р..
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79.9 год. загалом
I had no idea that combining the Star Wars universe with D20 role-playing mechanics would turn out such a quality product. Though this game may be a bit older, it still is quite compelling. It is also quite affordable.
Додано 28 грудня 2011 р..
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