mau mix
the onion ring in your fries (or vice versa)   Ohio, United States
What d'ya want me to say?

(Don't add me to trade without commenting first. If your inventory is private I will instablock.)

Other info below.

Not selling or buying items.

If you add me, comment your reason. Otherwise I generally don't accept friend requests.

Chances are if you try to add me without commenting why, you'll just get instablocked. Of course someone who would do that isn't reading this, sooo.

And for good measure, I want to say right now that I am not a furry
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Industrialist Nov 15 @ 4:45am 
accept me
mau mix Nov 13 @ 2:16pm 
no u
Semper Nov 13 @ 10:08am 
100% a gay furry who loves macro, he wont admit it but hes my giant towering daddy uwu
Byrd ❤ Nov 8 @ 12:53pm 
I know, but you're not into trading or anything
mau mix Nov 8 @ 12:52pm 
some sites use a bot to check comment sections and find the - and +rep terms
Byrd ❤ Nov 8 @ 11:50am 
Why do you care about rep?