Crippling addiction to MvM.
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Polipfejű bácsi Oct 8 @ 2:04pm 
Added to ask something. :)
lucco51 Oct 3 @ 2:11pm 
still aint clicking it :)
lucco51 Oct 3 @ 2:06pm 
and - i never came for your bonk boys - a) i cant afford them b) i dont like them, sorry to disappoint but it wasnt me :)
lucco51 Oct 3 @ 2:03pm 
Well if you think I’m clicking a spurious link, think again, if I ain’t done nothing then I got no need to view
Mm..Food Sep 11 @ 3:46am 
and, btw, there is a scammer with your name :)
Mm..Food Sep 11 @ 3:25am 
hello. I've sent an offer for your hawaiian hunter w/ haunted ghosts