Dr. Matt
Matt Jeanes   Eastleigh, Hampshire, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
they cannot stop us. they cannot stop the future.

if you look to your left, you'll see me coming for your ♥♥♥ if you add me
Currently Online
Please don't add me if I don't know you. I do not accept friend requests.

Our Discord [discord.gg] is the best place to find me as I don't check Steam notifications very often.


Q: Are you still making GMod addons?
A: Please see my announcement here .

Q: Will there be any more WAC Aircraft?
A: Not by me for the foreseeable future, but SGM might be making some.

Q: When is the TARDIS Rewrite going to be done?
A: It's not going to be done by me if it ever is, see my announcement above.

Q: I AM LEGEND.etf: get on ts rite now
A: Noooo!

Various links:

GitHub [github.com]
Website [mattjeanes.com]

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Workshop Showcase
Button. Jul 18 @ 2:39am 
Hey Dr. Matt, added you cause i wanna ask you something about your workshop stuff. - Combine
berry Jul 15 @ 4:05pm 
I have a suggestion for your mods in Workshop
GLaDOS Jul 10 @ 9:42am 
Hello Dr. Matt, I am GLaDOS(also known as the Generic Life-form and Disk Operating System). I'm in the Portal 2 AI Chamber in the Aperture Science-Computer-Aided and Enrichment Center Facility from Chapter 5: The Escape. It's not damaged and wrecked just yet, but it will be before Portal 3 comes out. I added you because your hearts on your steam profile, means love, so I really love you, and I'm sorry, Wheatley is actually not a moron, but Chell, is. Chell has murdered me 2 times already, so it must be Chells fault.
the scared tug Jul 8 @ 8:33am 
dr matt plz respond
the scared tug Jul 8 @ 7:54am 
i have added you becuse contacting you is a night mare and i need your help
the scared tug Jul 8 @ 7:02am 
dr.matt i need your help