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One of the greatest city builders out there that also includes workshop support for even more hours of fun!
Undoubtedly, this is one of best city builder games I have ever played. Although I cant help to compare this to the latest SimCity from EA, there are many pros and cons that are noticable. Some pros that can be seen is that Cities: Skylines allows you to purchase more plots of land if you run out of space, set districts and apply certain policies, and has definently more variety of roads, buildings, and cars than SimCity. But indeed like every game, there are some cons that are equally noticable. These include (in my opinion) no proper day/night cycle, time should last a few minutes instead of a few seconds, and car AI that should let emergency vehicles have the right of way during emergencies. The cons are not bad, but they should be definently improved or added sometime in the future.

But the good news is, Colossal Order is planning to release their brand new expansion After Dark which includes a day/night cycle and adds some nighttime locations like nightclubs to see your city come to life. There is currently no set release date or prices but you can read more about it here[].

Along with that, there are many mods in the workshop that can help enhance your experience throughout the game that add more roads, buildings, fixes, etc and also graphical mods.
Overall: If you are deciding wheather to buy Cities: Skylines or SimCity 2015, I recommend Cities: Skylines because it offers more features that SimCity 2015 lacks.

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