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Posted: Aug 7, 2015 @ 4:38am
Updated: Aug 7, 2015 @ 4:38am

I've thoroughly enjoyed this game. As a fan of RPGs with turn-based combat, I can certainly recommend it. The fighting was very strategic and for the most part I found it balanced well enough to stay challenging but not impossible. You acquire several party members throughout the game and can change them in and out of the active party any time between battles. There is a great variety of allies, though I personally found all of the mage types to be too mushy and die too easily to enemy attacks, so I ended up using mostly the fighter types throughout most of the game.

The combat in general was great, but there were a few things that annoyed me. One aspect in particular was that enemies virtually always had better agility than my team, so they always took their actions first every turn, which meant that if any of your allies got low on health, they'd be finished off the next turn before you get a chance to heal them. The only times the enemy agility was equal to agility of my allies was when I was overlevelled for the area. Even the assassin (the fastest party member) wouldn't always go before the enemy.

Another annoyance mostly came in late stages of the game. A lot of the enemies and bosses later on just started having way too many resistances, so you'd often end up dealing very little damage to them if only 1 party member had the means to strike their weakness, and hence the battles were dragging out. Without giving any spoilers, I found the final boss to be very uninteresting, due to that same fact. He was only weak to one element, which only the main character could use, what meant that your 2 other allies in the party were only useful for serving potions and dealing an occasional debuff on the boss.

The first half of the game was really great. It only started to get a bit repetitive later on, and I feel it could've easily been 2-3 areas shorter. Just feels that it overstayed its welcome a bit.

I imagine the art style won't be to everyone's liking, but I personally thought it was nice-looking and thought it gave a nice flare to the tone of the game. Since the game was rather light-hearted and even cheesy, the visuals fit it fine. The music was also great. Even though there were only about half a dozen of tunes in the entire game, I never really got bored of hearing them, since they were pleasing to the ear.

There wasn't much else happening aside from battles, although I did enjoy the crafting mechanic. Each character had 4 possible armours and 4 possible weapons to craft throughout the game, and each one could be upgraded. In addition to weapons and armour, you can also find a variety of animals to serve as the main character's pet. Each animal had different strengths and weaknesses, so some degree of micro-management was needed to make them useful in battles.

The story is pretty much your cheesy light-hearted epic fantasy. It doesn't do anything extraordinary, but it's there to make the game a bit more fun.

Overall it's a fun game and I enjoyed it.
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