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Posted: Aug 30, 2015 @ 1:54am

Tonnes of wild fun, pixelated blood, and explosions. The Expendabros is a 2D sidescroller where you play as the main cast of the Expendables 3, and your job is to infiltrate a variety of locations and, well, to cause carnage and destruction.

Each character that you can play as has their own methods of killing, as well as their own unique special ability, ranging from knife throwing, to grenade launchers. This also adds some degree of strategy to the levels, because where one weapon will be optimal, another could cause you to meet your death. I haven't found a way to swap between team members on the fly, but maybe that was intentional. Most of the game is somewhat easy, but there are a couple of challenging boss fights in the late stages.

The game is kind of short (took me less than a couple of hours to complete), but it's packed with fun and is free to play. In addition to the top notch combat, you also have a cool narrator voice, some high pitched enemy screams, and at times some epic music.

After playing through this, I'm now interested to check out the original game, Broforce.
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