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Posted: Jun 15, 2015 @ 3:45pm

This game is incredibly fun and addictive if you like the sense of speed. Be warned though, it's not a relaxing casual game. Most levels are very hard and require you to learn to manoeuvre your robot very precisely. And even then, a lot will often depend on sheer luck, and you will die dozens of times before you succeed.

There is a large variety of stages, from high speed ones, to the more aerial ones where you perform numerous jumps between platforms, and so on. Some take a form of drag race, where you must time your boosts accurately, others are more open and have multitudes of paths to take through a level.

The main 'campaign' has 41 levels. There are a lot of tough, frustrating moments, but strangely enough you will keep coming back to the game repeatedly to try and beat the level you're stuck on. Once you complete the campaign, you unlock several bonus levels, which, from what I played so far, seem even harder than the original campaign ones. You also have an endless run level, where you keep running and dodging obstacles for as long as you can.

The game has a very nice visual style and cool electronic music. All this helps to enhance the virtual reality atmosphere the game is going for. If high speed challenging games are your thing, then give this game a try.
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