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Posted: May 6, 2015 @ 5:44pm

This was a fun little game. Nihilumbra is a 2D platformer that focuses on puzzle solving and spans 5 main areas, each of which consists of several stages. Each area introduces a new colour, which then becomes important for the solutions of puzzles in that area. For example, blue colour makes you slide along as though on ice, making you travel faster and jump further, green makes you bounce, brown makes you stick to walls, and so on.

I found the use of unique effects of each colour for puzzle solving to be a pretty cool mechanic that made puzzles interesting. Some colours even had multiple uses. For example, the red could burn the enemies, but it could also make fireflies glow brighter, hence illuminating darker areas.

The overall execution is very nice. The art and the music are especially stunning. Though the narrator's voice was a bit offputting at times and seemed a tad repetitive. Worse yet, if you died and returned to a checkpoint, the narrator would say the same quote again, even if he already said it earlier. And having to redo the puzzles you've done already just to get to the one you died on was also frustrating.

The game in general is worth playing if you like puzzle games, though the story mode is pretty short (took me about 3 hours to complete). After the story mode, you unlock the void mode, which is significantly harder and might not be for everyone, as you go through the same areas except with much more complex puzzles and more enemies, often pitting you in very vulnerable situations where you're bound to fail or die dozens of times before you succeed. So if you're on the fence and unsure, best to get the game when it's on sale. The story mode is worth it alone.

I would certainly like to see more similar games from the developers, because this one definitely had the right idea.
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