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Posted: May 16, 2015 @ 8:32am

I've had great fun playing this game, despite not being a fan of stealth games or open-world games with item-hunting being a major aspect of gameplay. The game has a great atmosphere, especially with its nice touches, such as realistic wind effects, and the ability to change the colour saturation when playing.

At first it appears as though the game has no story. You arrive in a wooded area with scattered forts and military outposts. Everyone aside from one NPC are dead and it's your job to find out what happened to this place. As you travel from one open area to another, you find clues and remains of the conflict. In each area you are able to traverse between the normal world and the dark world. In the dark world you are able to communicate with the spirits of the dead, hearing out their side of the story, and eventually putting together the clues that tell you how they died and why.

In each area, there is a variety of enemies you encounter, each of which poses a threat, especially when they come in groups. This means you often have to approach them with strategy and stealth, because most weapons are either not that powerful or take a while to reload. It kind of felt like Dark Souls but in 1st person - dangerous enemies, dying takes you back to a safe place with all enemies in the area revived, and most of the story told through clues in the environment.

I generally enjoyed the game and found myself very immersed, but there were a few minor drawbacks. For example, it started to feel like it was dragging on a bit in the latter stages since the gameplay did not change much between each area. I also found exploring the dark world to be a bit tedious because the environments were being bland. I think it could've been made a bit prettier with some more detail in the environments. Just because it's meant to be grey and dark does not mean it has to feel empty. There were also very minor gripes, like some wearable charms having useless bonuses, like having a 4% chance of being harder to spot (why equip that when I can equip charms that increase my melee damage by 50 or even 100%).

In general, this is a solid game. If you're into games with an open-world feel and lots of things to collect, and story being subtle, you should enjoy it. If you're not into those things, you might, just like me, enjoy it still.
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