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Posted: Jul 17, 2015 @ 3:15pm

This is one of the better puzzle games I've played. It offers a simple and straight-forward concept and utilises it to its full potential - create clones of yourself that copy your every move in order to solve puzzles. The puzzles vary between each other, and some introduce new things into the mix. For example not being able to create any clones within blue light, or not being able to swap between the clones within red light. In late stages the game also offers gimmicks with artificial gravity too, which adds a layer of complexity to the puzzles.

Most of the game has you solve puzzles in order to collect orbs, and a certain number of these is required to get past checkpoints to another area. I really liked this semi-open feel of exploration that the game offered, and for most of it you didn't even have to solve every single puzzle in order to make progress. You could afford to skip some. However, the very last console checkpoint requires that you solve every single puzzle that's left. Most of the puzzles were really intuitive and felt rewarding when you solved them, but I wasn't a fan of a few near the end. Three of the puzzles took me so many attempts that I eventually had to consult a walkthrough. I think that it would've been better if the final checkpoint didn't require every single puzzle to be solved.

Throughout exploring the ship and solving puzzles, there are many logs and interactable computer terminals that shed light on the creepy backstory behind this device that you're using to create clones. In general the story was in the background, but its concepts would leave you thinking of what's morally right, especially with the way it concluded with an interesting choice of two alternate endings.

All in all, I enjoyed the game and thought it was pulled off really well. Only the last few puzzles near the end frustrated me. Would certainly recommend it for all fans of puzzle games.
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