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Posted: Mar 14, 2015 @ 12:04pm

I've had a blast playing through this game, and it's so extremely rare these days for any game to hold my attention for more than an hour. The story was pretty decent, dialogue was fantastic, and I was really attached to both of the main protagonists, since they were very likeable and relatable, despite being of otherworldly descent. Just be warned, there is quite a bit of swearing in the dialogue, but I thought the way it was done was creative. The whole narrative in this game is top notch.

The combat system was fun and strategic, and the battles in general are quite challenging. Since this combat system is quite different to most RPGs, I'd personally suggest to play on Easy mode on the first playthrough, so to get acquainted with it.

The game is quite linear. Most of its levels do tend to be a straight line, which will not appeal to players who like exploration, but I personally didn't mind the linear gameplay, because I enjoyed the story and the gameplay. In addition, you get a lot of sidequests in between. I was particularly impressed with a part of the game where you get to put together a squad and a plan of attack, and each little sidequest in that section actually counted towards it, which made them worth doing.

Also worthy of note is the music. It was lovely to listen to and fit the scenes where it played perfectly.

Overall I loved the game and I think it's very underappreciated. Would definitely recommend it and hope to see more games like this one from the devs behind it.
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