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Posted: Nov 27, 2015 @ 12:14pm

Just as great as the first game. If you've enjoyed Orcs Must Die, you should definitely pick this one up too.

Most of the gameplay is very much similar. You still have a plethora of traps to use, and lots of orcs in each stage. There are fewer overall stages in the main campaign than there were in the first game, but the game offers some new stuff to make up for it. It now has 2 playable characters. Their starting weapons and starting traps are different. Like for example the Apprentice uses a blunderbuss as the main weapon, whereas the sorceress uses a sceptre to shoot small projectiles from. The presence of two playable characters also means the game can be played in co-op.

In addition to this, some stages also have an endless mode, where you can keep fighting hordes of orcs till you lose all the rift points, and the game also lets you play some of the classic stages from the first game.

The upgrade mechanic has been improved from the first game. Though the simplicity of it in the first game was nice, it's also great to have a bigger variety of upgrades that this game offers. Now each trap has more than 1 upgrade, and in addition to upgrading your existing traps, you can also buy new traps, weapons, and trinkets for all sorts of benefits, depending on how you prefer to play. Now this also means that it's easier to earn skulls, which are used as upgrade points. You can now gain them in more ways. In the first game you could only get them as a rating for each mission, but now you can also get them as bonuses and random drops, and as rewards for surviving a certain amount of waves in the endless stages.

Just as with new traps, you also meet some new enemies. We now have some earth elementals which split into two smaller units upon death, some tall, lanky trolls which can take a lot of punishment, and even the regular grunts now have light, medium, and heavy armour varieties.

There are only a couple of minor things I didn't like. The first one is that I was unable to find an easy way to switch between characters when in the campaign menu. I first played through the whole campaign as the Apprentice, and when I wanted to try out the Sorceress, I couldn't simply pick a stage I've beaten already and to do it with her. Instead I had to create a new character profile with no upgrades or unlocks and to start the campaign all over from the start, which isn't all that great.

Another thing I didn't like was how the barricades have become virtually useless now. It's possible that maybe I was just unlucky, but on many occasions I noticed that the orcs now seem to prefer to rather smash their way through the barricades rather take an alternate path, even if the alternate path is within their vision. The only time this didn't happen was when I played the classic levels from the first game.

In conclusion, this is a great 3rd person tower defence game and lives up to the quality of the first one. If you've enjoyed the first one, get this one too. If you've enjoyed this one, get the first one too.
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