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Posted: Sep 9, 2015 @ 3:44pm

A fun tower defence game. Customize your mech (known as trench) and go out into the field to defend the objective. Iron Brigade combines the 3rd person shooter combat with the classic tower defence gameplay of strategically placing turrets of various kinds to help you make a stand.

There is a large variety of enemies, which are introduced bit by bit throughout the campaign, ranging from fast fliers to slow yet durable Big Willies, to suicidal Blitzers, and hordes of spiky balls known as the Knobs. Each enemy has its own strengths and weaknesses and therefore you are required to outfit your trench with optimum weaponry for each mission in order to be effective. Most of the enemy designs were pretty creative and had a sort of personality.

I've played throughout the whole game solo. The early missions are fairly easy, but latter ones do pose a substantial challenge and might require several tries to get your strategy up to perfection. It's fun if you like a challenge. The game also has a handful of boss fights, so to speak. They do feel kind of different and out of touch with the rest of the gameplay though, especially the final boss of the original campaign.

There were some small annoyances, like there being too little time in between the waves and cutscenes/dialogue not being skippable (not that I've found anyway), but other than this, it was fine.

I didn't realise there was also an expansion act to the game, called 'Rise of the Martian Bear'. After playing the first mission, I'm a bit disappointed with it. It seems co-op play is encouraged much more here than solo play (so I might have to try them out on co-op), not to mention a strange lag that wasn't present in any of the previous missions. You also get some survival missions where you fight an endless horde of enemies.

Overall it's a fun game. It has a nice sense of humour to it with a hint of silliness, but it certainly works and can often give you a good chuckle. So if you like tower defence games, you should find Iron Brigade worth playing.
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