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Verfasst: 23. Sep. 2015 um 16:01 Uhr

Some games you can tell are going to be good from the first 10 minutes of playing them. Orcs Must Die is one of those games. From the moment you start playing, its slick presentation becomes very apparent, ranging from a charming artstyle, to nice fast-paced music, and a comedic tone.

But presentation is not the only thing where the game shines. As a tower defence game it has some pretty ingenious trap ideas, such as trapdoors that release scorching flames, spring pads that launch orcs into the air, as well as acid bombs and even knights and archers. The level designs are also very well made, at times providing very obvious spots for where traps are ideal. And in addition to traps, you also unlock weavers, which are sorceresses that provide you with passive skills for the duration of the level. Upgrading these skills makes either your abilities or your traps/guardians more effective at what they do.

At the end of each level, you get a score (which is shown against scores of people on your friends list) and a rating out of 5 skulls. You can then use the skulls to upgrade some of your traps.

Overall the game was loads of fun. I've had a blast. Perhaps the only minor criticism I have is that when starting a new level that has more than 1 enemy entrances, it's often impossible to tell where the enemy is going to come through first. But it's a very small nitpick. The game is fun. If you like tower defence genre, get it now.
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