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Oh, hey there!
I'm Mati, a sad fur, an inefficient developer, a bad shitty artist and a casual noob gamer. :brownchicken:
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Welcome on my profile!
Hey, I'm Mati! Welcome on my profile!
I thought it would be cool to have an info box of my own :special: :3
Anyway, I'm glad you're here — even if I don't have anything cool to say.

:steammocking: :pleased:

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About me

Oh.. I don't think you really want to know anything about me..
I mean, I am just a depressive and ugly guy who thinks himself as a furry.
I don't want to talk about my feelings..

I have no life, no future and no purpose~
Also no money, I spend without earning much. :brownchicken:

Gender: Boyyyyyyy
Birthday: October 20
Activities: Playing video games, drawing awful stuff, and developing various things — but mostly websites.

My Personality Type: "The Mediator" INFP-T []
(Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving - Turbulent)
according to 16Personalities [] .

My Steam Profile:
Worth: ~€2.0k — ~€7.4k (lowest prices — average everyday's prices)
Games owned: 847 (played 295 of them – 34%)
Average price: ~€9.30 (~€7.30 per hour)
Hours on record: 5.3k+ hrs (18.1 hrs on average)
from my SteamDB profile [] .

My config —

Big Computer:
- OS: Windows 10 – 64-bit
- CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.00GHz – 4 cores, 8 threads
- GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 770 – 2Go
- RAM: 16GB DDR3
- Storage:
   › ~120GB SSD (System)
   › ~300GB HDD partition (Apps & Games)
   › ~1TB HDD (Data & Games)
   › ~2TB HDD (Data)

Shitty Laptop:
- OS: Windows 10 – 64-bit
- CPU: Intel Core i5-2450M @ 2.50GHz – 2 cores, 4 threads
- GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 410M
- RAM: 4GB
- Storage:
   › ~100GB HDD partition (System)
   › ~300GB HDD partition (Apps & Data)

Some links —

With links you can discover the world and its awesome content. Everything is possible, just think about it and you will probably find it one day.
All that just to say: have some links.

:secrectorder: More Steam accounts:
- 2nd steam account: Maatiboux
- 3rd steam account: Maaatiboux
- This one doesn't exist: Maaaaaaaatiboux

:theskull: Anti-social networks:
- Twitter: @Matiboux
- Telegram: @Matiboux []
- Discord: @Matiboux#7155
- Matiboux Social: omg this is not even a real thing lmao

:purpleBox: I'm doing some things on the internet too:
You can meet my not-very-awesome projects [] if you want to. They're probably not worth your time tho..

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Matiboux™ Feb 11 @ 7:09am 
I score what
Riley-san Feb 10 @ 9:47pm 
He is naked, he yiffs, he scores!
Matiboux™ Dec 27, 2017 @ 6:10am 
Oh no!!
Magivrée Dec 27, 2017 @ 5:39am 
borkbork !
Riley-san Nov 8, 2017 @ 5:44am 
Free samples will be provided to any bypassers in major malls in Paris, starts from 16 November until 19 November before the real product will be sold nation wide.
Matiboux™ Nov 8, 2017 @ 4:12am 
Can I have a free sample? Or a whole baguette. I want to make sure it's good quality, y'know?