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If you add me comment first, please. Some morons are impersonating me. This is my one and only account. My id is always /master-m87/. All others are FAKE Profiles / Accounts.


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A masterpiece remake from capcom. Great work. The game looks so stunning and the atmosphere is awesome. GOTY 2019 for me without any doubts. Can't wait for RE3 Remake...
1^ Ruzael Sep 17 @ 9:14am 
Not too keen on the offer, but I suppose it depends on how many keys you're adding.
1^ Ruzael Sep 17 @ 8:16am 
Generally isn't for sale but if I hear the right offer, I'll sell it :)
tenshi Sep 8 @ 7:14am 
added to discuss spellbound antlers
I can't aim Sep 7 @ 7:40pm 
added to discuss about Burning Flames Tyrant's Helm
inactive chris hours Sep 4 @ 11:10am 
added for the ks toque :)
satan Sep 3 @ 3:18pm 
added for tyrants