Alex Mason   Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Don't invite me to mixes. Don't add me for trades.
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This is my alt, there are many like it but this is mine!
"This guy must be a Div.1 Demoman or something."
-Random pubscrub from pl_barnblitz

Poem made by based Pazek(19.4.2015 12:31 neva 5get):

There is a black hole of a man,
Who's known throughout the land,
Who faps to cartoons from Japan,
children, tentacles and trans.

But one day he left the sauna,
And the bowl of marijuana,
Then all the women felt his aura,
And came the wave of his fans.

And without a single restraint
They flock to their sexual saint,
He speaks, some stop, some faint:
"Check out dese sik raybans!"

22.9.2015 when Pazek dropped some hot fire

10:49 - 冰润滑油: Yo
10:49 - 冰润滑油: is the lubricant...
10:50 - 冰润滑油: Up in here with my loli ol' small cat... yea
10:50 - 冰润滑油: Representin boner thugs all across, nowamsayin?
10:50 - 冰润滑油: Yo,
10:50 - 冰润滑油: Come up to the scene with a desire.
Pay respects, license Dre, spit fire.
I've done all my doin and done my time.
It's a shame that wanker rap's a crime.
10:50 - 冰润滑油: You can't hold me, I'm a beast.
First ever record I released.
Welcome to the web, I'll be your guide.
Keep your mouth shut, pants tied,
eyes wide, brain fried, if you see
The police, slide to the side and hide.
10:50 - 冰润滑油: There ain't no better way to roll.
The packs of tissues and a plug in yo asshole.
This is how we was born.
First word I done spoke was "porn".
10:51 - 冰润滑油: Show these motherfuckers toungue twisters.
Leave yo hand in blisters, from fappin to little sisters.
Do yo deeds with eyes and ears like a hawk.
Knock knock, "Who's there?" Is big brother's cock.
10:51 - 冰润滑油: My product is the only thing that frees us.
Fall deep into profanity, lose all humanity
Hentai so wretched, the pope calling Jesus
to end this insanity.
10:51 - 冰润滑油: Yeah...
10:51 - 冰润滑油: Ice Lube and L.O.L.I.
10:51 - 冰润滑油: Yall mothafucka's know what it is...
10:52 - 冰润滑油: Gangsta fap, yea.
10:52 - 冰润滑油: *drops mic*
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Zamparonie 9 hours ago 
[Salty-Arab]♡SaltyFatRat♡ Aug 16 @ 10:10am 
haiku Aug 6 @ 7:49am 
\  ヽ    i  |     /   / 
kill your parents and watch anime
              ;' ':;,,     ,;'':;,
             ;'   ':;,.,.,.,.,.,,,;'  ';,
  ー         ,:'          ::::::::、
 __        ,:' /       \   ::::::::',
     二    :'  ●      ●     :::::i.
   ̄       i  ''' (__人_)  ''''    :::::i
    -‐      :             ::::::::i
           `:,、           :::::::::: /
    /       ,:'        : ::::::::::::`:、
            ,:'         : : ::::::::::`:、
Menty :3 Aug 6 @ 3:13am 
haiku Jul 22 @ 7:30am 
Hey bro, I quit csgo trading and csgo at all(cause of last update) so I want to collect as much graffities as possible. I trade my Tiger Tooth bayonet for 8-10 sealed graffities, so send me tradeoffer. My link in my profile bro
Heavy On Holiday Jul 22 @ 1:22am 
boi i will utterly destroi u if u keep being a baby and going to my profile to spit tears of anger at me.