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GeT_RiGhT Souvenir Collection
Dedicated to Christopher Alesund, the legendary CS player.
Inventory includes every kind of GeT_RiGhT souvenir skin unboxed, with most having the best possible exterior known to exist.

Tec-9 Nuclear Threat FT x2 & BS (the only 3 known to exist)
P250 Nuclear Threat MW & FT (Only 2 MW, 1 FT, 1 WW known)
M4A4 Radiation Hazard MW (no FN known)
XM1014 Fallout Warning FN 1:1
UMP-45 Fallout Warning MW (no FN known)
P90 Fallout Warning MW (no FN known)
PP-Bizon Irradiated Alert FN (1 of 3 FN)
Sawed-Off Irradiated Alert FN 1:1
MAG-7 Irradiated Alert FN 1:1

Galil Cerberus FN
Tec-9 Toxic FN
Glock-18 Reactor MW (no FN known)
XM1014 Bone Machine FN
MAC-10 Nuclear Garden FN
MP9 Setting Sun FN 1:1
AUG Radiation Hazard FN
PP-Bizon Chemical Green FN
Negev Nuclear Waste FN
P250 Contamination FN
Five-Seven Hot Shot FN x2
SG 553 Fallout Warning FN

Tec-9 Red Quartz FN
Desert Eagle Urban Rubble FN
Sawed-Off Amber Fade FN
P250 Metallic DDPAT FN
MAG-7 Metallic DDPAT FN
SCAR-20 Carbon Fiber FN
P90 Ash Wood FN
MAC-10 Candy Apple FN
M4A4 Urban DDPAT FN (1 of 2 FN known)
Dual Berettas Colony FN 1:1
G3SG1 Polar Camo FN (1 of 3 FN known)
Five-Seven Forest Night FN (1 of 2 FN known)
Nova Polar Mesh FN (1 of 2 FN known)
PP-Bizon Urban Dashed FN

R8 Revolver Amber Fade FT 1:1 (Only this FT and 1 FN known)
P2000 Amber Fade FN
SG 553 Damascus Steel FN 1:1
SG 553 Damascus Steel BS (#1 FV for all Damacus Steel souvenirs)
PP-Bizon Brass FN
M4A1-S Varicamo FN
Sawed-Off Snake Camo FN
AK-47 Safari Mesh MW (no FN known)
Five-Seven Orange Peel MW (no FN known)
MAC-10 Palm MW (no FN known)
Tec-9 Varicamo FN
G3SG1 Desert Storm FN
P250 Sand Dune FN
SCAR-20 Sand Mesh FN
P90 Sand Spray FN
MP9 Sand Dashed FN
Nova Predator FN (#1 FV for all Nova Predator souvenirs)

MAG-7 Bulldozer FT (best FV, no MW or FN known)
MAC-10 Amber Fade FN
UMP-45 Blaze FN
MP9 Hot Rod FN
Negev CaliCamo FN
SSG 08 Tropical Storm BS (#1 FV for all Trop Storms, #1 for all scout souvs)
SG 553 Gator Mesh FN
Glock-18 Groundwater FN 1:1
MP7 Orange Peel MW (no FN known)
P250 Bone Mask FN
Five-Seven Contractor FN
AUG Colony FN (1 of 3 FN known)
G3SG1 Safari Mesh FN
P90 Scorched FN
Galil Hunting Blind FN

M4A1-S Master Piece FT 1:1 (Only this FT and 1 FN known)
AWP Pink DDPAT MW (no FN known)
USP-S Road Rash MW (1 of 2 known, no FN known)
CZ75-Auto Nitro MW (no FN known)
XM1014 VariCamo Blue FN
SSG 08 Detour FN
Desert Eagle Urban DDPAT MW (no FN known)
MP7 Gunsmoke MW (no FN known)
Glock-18 Night MW (no FN known)
P2000 Grassland MW (no FN known)
Sawed-Off Sage Spray MW (no FN known)
UMP-45 Scorched FN 1:1
M249 Contrast Spray MW (no FN known)
MAG-7 Storm FN x2 (2 FN known. 1:1 IEM Cologne 2016, 1:1 MLG 2016)
MP9 Storm FN 1:1

AWP Dragon Lore ***Zero known to exist.
M4A1-S Knight FN
Desert Eagle Hand Cannon MW 1:1 (1 FN known)
CZ75-Auto Chalice FN
MP9 Dark Age FN
P2000 Chainmail FN
USP-S Royal Blue MW (1 FN known, but sticker scratched off)
Nova Green Apple FN
MAG-7 Silver FN
Sawed-Off Rust Coat FN
P90 Storm MW (1 FN known, but sticker scratched off)
UMP-45 Indigo FN
MAC-10 Indigo FN (2 FN known. 1:1 IEM Cologne 2016, 1:1 DH Cluj-Napoca 2016)
SCAR-20 Storm FN
Dual Berettas Briar FN

M4A4 Tornado FN 1:1
P250 Gunsmoke MW (1 FN known)
Tec-9 Brass BS (no FN known)
Dual Berettas Anodized Navy FN
Nova Walnut MW (no FN known)
MAG-7 Sand Dune FN
TsuXna Aug 16 @ 6:08am 
Interested in your Medusa.
Epinephrin Aug 10 @ 11:53am 
Added for :trolol:

D ü č k y Jul 18 @ 2:52am 
hey, I want to buy your StatTrak Glock-18 | Dragon Tattoo, are you going to trade it?
mase.durp Jul 12 @ 4:46pm 
Sure, no problem. :f2_happy:
小呀嘛小螺号😄 Jul 12 @ 7:43am 
hi :steamhappy:I want to buy your M4A4.
Oppysez S> iBP Holo Redline Jul 6 @ 11:08pm 
added about the corticera